• Know what to do if your child is drowning

    Parenthood is incredibly rewarding, yet it can also be downright scary. Medical emergencies like near-drownings leave little time to think before acting, so it’s important to be prepared beforehand. Knowing what to do just might save your child’s life. When medical emergencies arise in the Thousand Oaks area, parents trust the Emergency Room doctors at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center.

    Take your child out of the water

    Every second counts in a drowning emergency. As soon as you notice a child in distress in the water, jump in and get him or her out by any means necessary.

    If there are other people in the vicinity, you should yell for help while going in the water. If there is a flotation device within easy reach, grab it and take it with you. You can use it to help keep your child’s head above the water while you get him or her to safety.

    Check for breathing

    Lay your child on the side of the pool or on the shore. Check him or her for breathing.

    Begin CPR

    If your child isn’t breathing, begin CPR immediately. It’s a good idea for all parents and caregivers to take a pediatric CPR course, just in case this sort of emergency happens. Pediatric CPR begins with delivering two rescue breaths in the following manner.

    1. Lay your child on the back and tilt the head back slightly. Raise the chin slightly.

    2. Pinch the child’s nose closed.

    3. Make a complete seal with your mouth over the child’s mouth.

    4. Deliver two breaths into the child’s mouth.

    If your child does not respond to the rescue breaths, begin chest compressions.

    1. Position the heel of one hand on the center of the chest.

    2. Put the heel of the second hand on top of the first. Lace the fingers together.

    3. Do 30 rapid compressions, pressing down about two inches into the child’s chest.

    4. Give two more rescue breaths.

    5. Continue to alternate compressions and rescue breaths until your child breathes or an emergency responder arrives.

    Call 911

    It’s ideal if someone else is available to call 911 while you’re performing CPR. If you’re the only person there, continue to perform CPR until your child begins breathing again. Then, call 911.

    Do not try to drive your child to the Emergency Room yourself. Emergency responders can continue medical interventions while on route to the Emergency Room.

    Our Emergency Room is fully staffed and equipped around the clock, although we sincerely hope your child will never need it. Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center in Thousand Oaks is committed to providing the family-centered, compassionate care that each of our patients deserves. Call 911 immediately for transportation to the Emergency Room or call a registered nurse at (877) 888-5746 for general healthcare inquiries.