• Bike safety reminders for adults

    Bicycling is fun for all ages, and it’s also a great way to stay in shape. If you’re looking for ways of incorporating more physical activity into your daily routine, join the countless Americans who choose to bike to work. May 19, 2017 is Bike to Work Day, which gives you and your co-workers the perfect opportunity to embrace eco-friendly transportation in Thousand Oaks. The Emergency Room staff at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center encourages our neighbors to brush up on their bicycling safety knowledge before heading out this May.

    Wear a properly fitted helmet

    One of the most effective ways to protect yourself while bicycling is to always wear your helmet. Getting into this habit just might save your life or perhaps keep you out of the Emergency Room altogether.

    Select a helmet that features the label of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This indicates that it has met high safety standards.

    Follow traffic laws

    Bicyclists should always know the state and local traffic laws that apply to them. Since bicycles are legally considered to be vehicles, bicyclists must:

    • Ride in the direction of traffic

    • Obey lane markings, traffic signs and traffic lights

    • Use hand signals in advance of turning

    • Yield to traffic and pedestrians when appropriate

    Avoid cycling while distracted

    It’s well-known that driving while distracted is one of the top causes of auto accidents. Bicycling while distracted is also a major safety risk.

    Avoid wearing headphones while bicycling. Riding on sparsely populated country roads gives you an opportunity to enjoy the scenery. However, you should always maintain keen alertness while riding in town.

    Increase your visibility

    It’s always a smart idea to boost your visibility on the road, as bicycles are considerably smaller than motor vehicles. Add front and rear reflectors to your bike. Consider installing a flashing red light for even better visibility.

    It’s advisable to avoid riding a bicycle near dusk and after dark. If you do ride when visibility is particularly low, you should wear bright, neon colors and have lights on both ends of your bike.

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