• Is disc replacement surgery right for you?

    If back pain is interfering with your normal activities, disc replacement surgery is one option your physician may suggest. For some patients, disc replacement surgery is a good alternative to spinal fusion and may lead to better pain relief and long-lasting results. Could this be the right treatment for your back pain? Here are some factors your physician will work with you to consider when choosing a surgical procedure.

    Facet joint health
    As mentioned in the video, the health of the facet joints in the area of diseased discs is a critical factor in the success of disc replacement. If there is degenerative arthritis in the facet joints, then disc replacement may not provide sufficient relief.

    If the facet joints only show mild signs of arthritis, some patients may still be able to undergo disc replacement. Patients with arthritis that has progressed further will typically get more relief from spinal fusion surgery.

    Previous spine surgery
    Disc replacement surgery is usually only recommended for people who have not had any major spinal procedures in the past. If you have had a major spine surgery previously, your physician may recommend spinal fusion instead.

    Each case of disc replacement after another spine procedure is considered individually, so be sure to discuss your previous surgeries with your physician in full.

    Being at a healthy weight makes it more likely that disc replacement procedures will be effective. If you are not at a healthy weight, your physician may ask that you try to lose weight before surgery or recommend a different procedure.

    Being at a healthy weight will also reduce the risk of surgical complications, make it safer to undergo anesthesia and help you have a faster recovery.

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