What should you do if your child sticks a marble up his nose?

Children are incredibly imaginative and often find creative uses for everyday objects. If their creativity leads them to stick an object in their nostril , parents can turn to the reliable Emergency Room doctors at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center. We have a kid-friendly Emergency Room, with specially trained pediatric ER nurses who know how to help their young patients feel better.

Know the signs of a foreign body in the nose

Curious youngsters can get into trouble in the blink of an eye, and it simply isn’t possible to watch a child every second. Even if you didn’t see your child stick anything up his or her nose, your suspicions may be raised by the following indicators:

  • Persistent poking and prodding of the nose

  • Anxiety or irritability

  • Nasal discharge, especially from just one nostril

  • Foreign objects in the nose aren’t usually a medical emergency. However, you should call 911 right away if your child is having trouble breathing.

If your child is choking, perform the modified Heimlich maneuver if he or she is under one-year-old. For older children, do abdominal thrusts. If you’re unsure of how to perform these movements, call 911 and put the dispatcher on speakerphone so he or she can walk you through the steps.

Remove a visible marble

If your child isn’t in any distress and the marble is visible, you can usually remove it yourself. Or, ask your child to blow out through his or her nose.

Seek medical care for non-visible marbles

If you can’t see the marble, or can’t remove it easily, do not try to remove it by inserting Q-tips or anything else into the nostril. Take your child to the Emergency Room instead.

All true medical emergencies should be directed to a 911 dispatcher without delay. If you have a general healthcare question, you can call our nurse referral line at (877) 888-5746. Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center is proud to serve the Thousand Oaks community by delivering superior care with a patients-first approach.