Following Up with Your Child’s Pediatrician After an ER Visit

Even after your child is discharged from the Emergency Room at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center , he or she may need to be seen by a doctor again soon. The Emergency Room physician will advise you to follow up with your child’s regular pediatrician. This ensures a continuum of care. Your child’s pediatrician is familiar with his or her health needs, and he or she can use information about the Emergency Room visit to support your child’s wellness.

Ask the ER to send a report.

In many ERs, it’s standard practice to send a report to a child’s pediatrician after a diagnosis and treatment from an emergency care physician . However, it’s always a good idea to check on this before you take your child home. In some cases, the pediatrician will already be aware of the ER visit before receiving a report. When you watch this featured video, you’ll hear a registered nurse at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center explain that many local pediatricians meet their young patients at the ER to check on them and provide guidance about their overall health.

Call the pediatrician’s office.

After the ER visit, give the pediatrician’s office a call and ask if the ER report has been received yet. Provide a brief update about what your child was seen for and how he or she is recovering. The pediatrician will determine if your child should be seen for a follow-up exam.

Go to a follow-up exam.

During a follow-up exam, the pediatrician may review lab reports or imaging scans. Expect to be asked whether your child has shown improvements and whether there are any new concerns. The pediatrician may provide additional guidance on caring for your child at home. He or she might also request additional tests or imaging scans.

The dedicated Pediatric Emergency Room at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center maintains short wait times and provides specialized care to the youngest of patients. Parents in Thousand Oaks will be comforted to know that all of our Pediatric Emergency Room Nurses have been PALS certified to care for children. Medical emergencies should be directed to a 911 dispatcher, but you can call our hospital at (877) 888-5746 for questions of a non-emergent