Knowing When to Take a Trip to the ER

Every day, emergency room doctors work to save lives in hospitals around the country. Your family can count on your local emergency room for all types of medical emergencies—from lacerations and concussions to heart attacks and stroke. The ER doctors at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center urge our neighbors in Thousand Oaks to call 911 when the need arises and not to ignore possible red flags of life-threatening conditions. When you watch this featured video, you’ll hear one of our registered nurses explain how we coordinate care with emergency responders to improve our responsiveness.

Chest Pain
Panic attacks, muscle strain, and indigestion all have one thing in common: They can all cause chest pain. Many chest pain cases that arrive in the emergency room do not turn out to be heart attacks. However, emergency room doctors prefer that patients err on the side of caution. Since it’s impossible for patients to know if they are definitely having a heart attack or not, it’s best to get evaluated in an emergency room—just in case. Even if the cause of chest pain isn’t a heart attack, it could very well be another condition that is equally as life-threatening , such as pulmonary embolism or aortic dissection.

Slurred Speech
A sudden impairment of basic functions like speech should be assessed as quickly as possible. Slurred speech can be a sign of stroke, especially when it’s accompanied by the sudden onset of confusion, one-sided numbness and weakness, difficulty walking, or loss of consciousness.

Respiratory Distress
A patient who is in respiratory distress is having trouble breathing properly. Respiratory distress can include the feeling of not being able to get enough air, having difficulty breathing, or having uncomfortable breathing. Shortness of breath can have many causes, including physical exertion. When shortness of breath cannot be attributed to physical exertion, patients would be well advised to seek emergency care. Respiratory distress may be caused by heart attacks, angina, heart failure, asthma attacks, and pulmonary embolism.

Call 911 without delay if you or someone else is experiencing a severe medical problem. If you have a non-emergent question about our hospital services in Thousand Oaks, you can call (877) 888-5746 to speak with a registered nurse at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center . We are a Certified Primary Stroke Center and a Level II Trauma Center.

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