Spotlight on Helmet Safety and Concussion Prevention

It’s the law in California that all children younger than 18 years of age must wear an appropriate helmet when participating in non-motorized activities on wheels. These activities include bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, roller skating, riding on a scooter, and riding in a bike trailer. However, it’s advisable for individuals of all ages to protect their heads by wearing appropriate helmets when doing these types of activities. Consistently wearing a properly fitted helmet can save lives. At Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center, our Emergency Room team encourages our neighbors in Thousand Oaks to protect themselves from serious head injuries .

Why You Should Wear a Helmet

Bicycling and doing other wheeled outdoor activities can be fun exercise, but these activities can also lead to serious injuries and sometimes even death. Consistently wearing an appropriate helmet can greatly reduce this risk. You can hear more about the benefits of wearing helmets by watching this featured video. It includes an interview with a registered nurse at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center. She briefly discusses the treatment protocols for concussions and stresses the importance of wearing helmets to prevent injuries like lacerations and skull fractures. She also discusses the Safe Kids program, which is an outreach initiative that our community hospital participates in to distribute helmets to those who need them.

What You Should Know About Concussions

A concussion is an injury to the brain. When an accident happens and someone is abruptly halted by an impact, his or her head continues to move within the skull until it strikes the interior of the skull. This causes a concussion, which can range from mild to severe. There is no evidence that helmets can prevent concussions ; however, failure to wear an appropriate helmet can indeed contribute to other serious head injuries such as skull fractures.

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