What Is the Long-Term Picture of Cancer Treatment?

Cancer is one of the top health concerns faced by both men and women today. As hospital research and medical understanding of cancer has improved, so too has the number and efficacy of cancer treatment options available, as well as treatment options to reduce or eliminate potential short- and long-term side effects associated with cancer treatment.

Surgical Side Effects

In some cases, cancer treatment includes the surgical removal of a tumor or an area of the body at high risk for cancer. This type of treatment can permanently change the way the body looks or functions, which may have effects on general health, daily lifestyle management, or body image. Certain surgical treatments may also cause physical disability or infertility. If you require surgery as part of your cancer treatment, your physician will discuss both the short-term and long-term changes that may result.

Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy uses a combination of drugs and chemicals to eliminate cancer cells in the body; however, chemotherapy often targets healthy tissues as well, which can increase your risk for several general health concerns. Patients who undergo chemotherapy treatment may be at higher risk for the development of cataracts, heart problems, early menopause, nerve damage, and osteoporosis, or may be more likely to develop these conditions at a younger age.

Radiation Therapy Side Effects

Radiation therapy utilizes high-energy photons to destroy cancer cells; while radiation can often be targeted to reduce collateral damage, healthy tissues and immune system function may still be compromised by this treatment. The long-term effects of radiation therapy can include changes in metabolism, immune response, and heart function, as well as changes in the appearance of the skin.

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