Grilling Safely This Summer

Not only is grilling a healthier way to prepare food, but it presents a great opportunity to get outside to enjoy the summer sun and fresh air. However, it is important to recognize that grilling can be dangerous without the right safety precautions in your outdoor cooking setup. According to the National Fire Protection Association , about 8,900 home fires are caused by grilling each year, and 16,000 patients are seen in the ER annually for grill-related injuries. To make sure that you are not the victim of injuries of this nature, follow these tips for safe grilling all summer long:

Ensure That Your Grill Is in Working Order

A number of grill fires are related to gas leaks and failure to clean grill components, so it is important to check your grill for any faulty parts or structural damage before you fire it up this summer. You should also be sure that your grill is properly cleaned before every use.

Keep Your Grill in a Clean, Safe Area

Another common contributor of grill fires is close proximity to flammable materials, such as trees, fallen leaves, overhead structures, and other landscape features. You should have a dedicated paved or stone-lined grill space without any overhead elements to ensure proper ventilation and fire prevention.

Never Leave a Grill Unattended

Thermal burns can occur without direct contact with a flame since the entire surface of the grill will get very hot. Therefore, you should never leave the grill unattended so that a child might get too close. Leaving the grill unattended can also delay your response when a flare-up or gas leak occurs.

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