Getting to Know the ER Staff: Emergency Room Nurses

The emergency room is the heart of any hospital, and it is a department where you will find some of the most hardworking healthcare professionals. In the ER, a high volume of patients with critical and potentially life-threatening conditions puts high demands on staff members, who must undergo extensive training to provide the highest quality of care. ER nurses are an essential part of the emergency care team, and this article will offer you some insight on what exactly these healthcare professionals do in the hectic environment of the ER.

Primary Point of Patient Contact

The first person you interact with in the ER will likely be a triage nurse, who is responsible for categorizing the urgency of your condition and facilitating your admission to the emergency room. ER nurses have a high level of interaction with patients, so they will be your primary point of contact when you require emergency care for any condition. Nurses are also integral in coordinating care among ER doctors, trauma physicians, and surgical specialists.

Highly Qualified Professionals

Nurses who work in the ER are highly experienced. As RN Lynn Tadlock explains in the video above, you will not find first-year nurses on the ER floor. Registered nurses in the emergency department are trained in a variety of specialties, and they have a number of certifications in addition to their nursing certificates.

Broad Care Experience

Because the ER cares for patients of all ages and backgrounds, it is important for ER nurses to have extensive experience in patient care. With this experience, nurses are able to communicate effectively with all patients and family members to achieve a higher level of personalized care for better outcomes.

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