Taking a Look at the Different Types of Skin Rashes

The skin is an amazing organ that protects the body from the elements and houses an array of microorganisms that actually work to fight off infections. At times, the skin may become irritated with skin rashes, which can vary significantly in their severity and symptoms. Being able to identify skin rashes is a helpful skill in treating irritation on the skin because some rashes may warrant a trip to the ER instead of at-home care. Below, you can see some of the most common types of skin rashes that you may encounter.

Hives and Dermatitis

Both hives and contact dermatitis are caused by exposure to irritants such as poison ivy, laundry detergent, or certain foods. These rashes tend to be fairly mild and treatable with an oral antihistamine and cool compress to reduce itching. If symptoms do not subside following these measures, it may be necessary to call the doctor.

Allergic Rashes

A rash caused by medication or the source of a severe allergy may require treatment in the ER because there are a number of other adverse reactions that may accompany the rash itself. A rash that develops after an insect bite in an allergic individual is also likely to cause other severe reactions.

Measles and Chickenpox

Proper vaccination can prevent the measles and chickenpox, which are both the cause of rashes with raised bumps and severe irritation. The chickenpox is often less severe in children, and it is often treatable primarily through at-home care. The measles, on the other hand, should be met with immediate medical care.


Impetigo is more common in children , and it is caused by the highly infectious bacterial diseases strep and staph. If your child has strep and develops a rash, you should go to the ER right away for treatment.

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