How to Prepare for Spine Surgery

If you have been struggling with back pain that has not responded to conservative treatment options, spine surgery may be necessary to relieve your discomfort and let you get back to a more active routine. As you get ready for your spine surgery procedure , follow these steps to be sure that you have a successful recovery.

Schedule a consultation with your family doctor

Pre-surgical clearance from your primary physician is necessary, as your primary doctor will be able to make adjustments to your medications and address any preexisting conditions that could potentially complicate your surgery. You might also need to undergo tests such as an EKG and blood work to ensure your safety during surgery.

Discuss your recovery with a physical therapist

It is helpful to know what to expect after surgery before your procedure takes place. Consulting a physical therapist will allow you to walk through the process of rehabilitation and recovery. The therapist might also guide you through some exercises that can build your strength before surgery to minimize any post-operative discomfort and speed up your recovery. In addition to exercise, you might make some dietary changes to boost your immune system and promote a rapid healing process.

Arrange post-surgical transportation

You will be able to walk and care for yourself almost right away following surgery, but you may not be able to drive or handle household chores immediately. Therefore, you should enlist a friend or family member to be there for your hospital discharge and provide a helping hand for your transition home.

The Spine Surgery Program at Los Robles includes spine surgery education to help you further prepare for your procedure and get on the way to a pain-free lifestyle. To learn more about our surgical services and orthopedic care, call us today at (877) 888-5746.