Knowing When to Seek Medical Care for Chest Pain

Pain or discomfort that arises anywhere from the top of the abdomen to the base of the neck is considered to be chest pain. There are many possible causes of chest pain, including minor medical issues such as muscle strain. However, since it’s impossible for a patient to differentiate between minor and life-threatening causes of chest pain, it’s advisable to err on the side of caution and seek medical help at the emergency room of a heart hospital . At Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, possible heart attack patients are rapidly evaluated and treated.

Recognizing a Possible Heart Attack

When heart attack patients receive medical care as quickly as possible at a heart hospital, they have a better chance of a favorable outcome. Learning to recognize the possible signs of a heart attack is essential to facilitate prompt medical care. In addition to the severe pain and pressure in the chest, a heart attack may cause nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, sweating, and a racing heartbeat. Some people report experiencing a feeling of impending doom. Additionally, the pain in the chest may spread to the arms, upper back, or jaw.

Reviewing Your Medical History

If you have certain risk factors that may increase the likelihood of suffering a heart attack, it may be even more important to get medical help as soon as possible. These risk factors can include having a family or personal history of heart disease, being overweight, smoking, or having diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

Understanding Unstable Angina

Unstable angina is a medical emergency that occurs when there is an insufficient blood flow to the heart. It may increase the risk of a heart attack. The symptoms of unstable angina can mimic the symptoms of a heart attack, such as shortness of breath and sweating. Unstable angina may also cause chest pain that spreads to nearby areas. The pain may feel like pressure, squeezing, burning, or crushing sensations.

Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center is an accredited Chest Pain Center and a STEMI-designated heart hospital. The emergency room team at our heart hospital swiftly applies strict protocols to every patient who shows signs of a possible heart attack to save lives and improve outcomes. If you believe you’re experiencing a medical emergency in the Thousand Oaks area, please call 911 immediately. Otherwise, you can contact our heart hospital at (877) 888-5746.

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