How to Ensure Quality Care in a Medical Emergency

While the emergency room at Los Robles Hospital strives to maintain low wait times and a higher standard of care, there are steps that patients can take to further reduce wait times and streamline the process of receiving care. With the following strategies, you can be sure that your ER visit will go smoothly, even if you have special concerns with your medical care.

Use medical alert jewelry

Medical alert jewelry can be lifesaving, since it will indicate to paramedics and ER staff that you have specific allergies or health conditions that may influence the outcome of your care. If, for example, you have an allergy to a specific medication, a medical alert bracelet or necklace could communicate this information even in situations where you are unconscious or unable to speak.

Keep an I-C-E card

Even if you do not have any known allergies or conditions that will pose a risk in your care, and in-case-of-emergency card can be very helpful when you are taken to the ER. This card should contain your personal information along with your height and weight and the number of your preferred emergency contact. An I-C-E card can easily be kept in your purse or wallet, and it might prove very helpful when you need to be brought to the ER by ambulance after an accident or sudden health emergency.

Answer all triage questions honestly and concisely

When you are conscious and well enough to walk in to the ER, you will go through triage, which will determine the severity of your case and facilitate immediate treatments for certain conditions. The triage nurse may ask a series of questions to assess your care needs, so it is important to be honest when answering these questions. Using simple, direct language will ensure the clearest communication and prompt service at the ER.

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