What Is the Importance of Family-Centered Care for New Parents?

A new arrival is a family affair, and at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center, we recognize the importance of mother, father, and baby being together as much as possible immediately after birth. That is why our birthing center offers family-centered care from a highly trained and experienced staff of obstetric and neonatal specialists. Here are some of the benefits of family-centered care at our hospital.

Support During Labor and Delivery

We encourage fathers and birth coaches to remain with the mother-to-be throughout all parts of their stay with us. Your partner can remain with you throughout the entire labor and delivery process so that you always have the support you need. If you need to have a cesarean birth, your partner can also stay by your side in one of our specially designed surgical suites so that you can still welcome your baby into the world together.

Bonding After Birth

Studies have shown time and again how essential bonding is to a newborn baby. Simply placing the baby against the mother’s skin right after birth is an important part of your baby’s development. While you’re in the hospital, getting as much time as possible with your baby allows bonding to develop. We welcome partners to stay with mothers throughout their stay so they too have the chance to bond with the baby. The Mother-Baby program at our hospital matches new mothers and their babies with the same nurses.

Education About Care

Both parents will need to care for the new baby when you get home, and family-centered care gives you an opportunity to get accustomed to newborn care while you’re surrounded by people who can answer your questions. Certified lactation nurses are also on staff should you choose to breastfeed.

If you’re having a baby, schedule a tour of the birthing center at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center to find out more about the benefits of our family-centered care . Our hospital also offers newborn care classes and special classes for siblings. To find a physician who delivers at our hospital or to learn more about our services, please call (805) 497-2727.