When Is Cardiac Catheterization Beneficial?


Cardiac catheterization is a procedure in interventional cardiology that evaluates how well your heart is working and provides an immediate option for treatment of blockages that may be limiting blood flow to the heart. When the arteries leading to the heart are restricted by narrowing or physical blockages, there is an increased chance for permanent damage to the heart caused by a heart attack. Therefore, cardiac catheterization could be a lifesaving procedure if you are suffering from one of the following conditions:

Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary artery disease (CAD) occurs when plaque builds up along the artery walls and blocks regular blood flow. Cardiac catheterization can not only diagnose this condition and isolate areas where it is posing a high risk, but the procedure can allow for the placement of a stent or balloon catheter to reopen the artery and improve blood flow. Patients who have common symptoms of CAD like chest pain or those who have had poor results on preliminary tests such as electrocardiograms or stress tests may be ideal candidates for cardiac catheterization.

Heart Attack

Cardiac catheterization may actually be a part of heart attack treatment when a blockage has entirely closed off an artery. The procedure may also follow a heart attack if there was major damage to the heart muscle or you are still experiencing chest pain after you have returned home from the hospital and begun your recovery.

Heart Defects

In some cases, cardiac catheterization can be used to repair heart defects or valve disorders that are affecting how blood moves through the heart itself.

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