Quick Tricks for Better Nutrition


Many people make changes to their diet in an effort to lose weight. While maintaining a healthy weight is certainly a desirable goal, there are many other benefits of good nutrition, such as a reduced risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer. Making one small change every week or two can help you stay on track. For example, switch to low-fat or nonfat milk, or try a low-calorie milk substitute such as unsweetened almond milk. If you drink soda, try switching to a glass of water flavored with a lemon wedge.

For better nutrition, it’s important to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Snack on an apple instead of heading for the vending machine. Or, try a snack of carrot sticks dipped in hummus. When making soups and casseroles, add plenty of vegetables such as chopped spinach, grated carrots, or sliced zucchini. You can even add vegetables to your smoothies. Grate some zucchini or carrots and add them to a blender along with fresh fruit and nonfat or low-fat yogurt.

If you have questions about your daily diet, you can call the Consult-A-Nurse referral line for Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center at (805) 497-2727. Our community hospital in Thousand Oaks offers a comprehensive suite of services, including cardiology and emergency room care.

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