Keeping Back Pain Out of the Picture This Holiday Season

Woman with back pain

The holiday season is time for reconnecting with family and friends, but it can also be extremely hectic. The last thing you need is to be sidelined with back pain. If you have been suffering from chronic back pain, the Spine Program at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center can offer the relief you need. If your back is healthy now, keep it that way through the holidays and beyond with these tips.

Lift Carefully

When you lug around those packages of gifts and heavy suitcases for holiday travel, think of your back. For starters, if something is too heavy, don’t force it. Wait for help instead of putting your back on the line. When you do pick something up, don’t let your back do the work. Bend with your legs and push yourself upwards with your leg muscles. When you’re holding a heavy object, keep it close to you with your knees slightly bent. Never twist your spine while holding something. Instead, pivot your whole body to move the item.

Keep a Healthy Weight

The holidays are a tough time to keep an eye on your weight, but excess pounds put too much pressure on your spine. You don’t have to forgo holiday goodies entirely. Simply choose a few things that you really want, eat light and healthy meals before parties, and make sure to get some physical activity most days.

Watch Your Posture

Long hours in plane seats and slumping down on the sofa can take a toll on your back health. When standing and sitting, keep your posture in mind. Stand with your shoulders relaxed, back straight, and head in neutral position. When you sit, keep your back slightly arched and the small of your back against the chair.

Don’t let back pain slow you down. Schedule a consultation with the doctors at the Spine Program at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks. In addition to our spine care, we have an ER, heart hospital, pediatric care, and much more. You can learn more about our hospital by calling (805) 497-2727.

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