Teaching Your Child Healthy Living With Type One Diabetes

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Adjusting to diabetes is a process for patients of all ages, for but kids with type one diabetes, there are unique challenges. For parents, this is also an opportunity to help their children adopt healthy habits that will stay with them for life. A good place to start learning about how to support your child’s health is to take a diabetes education class at a local hospital . These tips will also help.

Make a Plan for School

Your child’s school needs to be your partner in diabetes care . You will need to ensure that the school is able to help your child take insulin shots and test his or her blood sugar throughout the day. Work with your child’s teacher to help him or her understand the warning signs of low blood sugar and develop an action plan for emergencies. Food can be one of the biggest issues at school for kids with type one diabetes. Find out what is on offer in the school cafeteria, and if there aren’t suitable choices, pack your child’s lunch while working with the school on boosting healthy options. Get your child’s teachers involved in finding non-food alternatives for class celebrations, such as extra recess time or a movie.

Involve Your Child in Food Choices

Although it may seem easier to simply choose the best foods for your child yourself, it’s a good idea to involve him or her in planning meals. This gives you a chance to teach your child about the carb counting needed to determine insulin dosing as well as to talk to him or her about smart food choices versus poor ones. These lessons will empower your child to make good food decisions when you’re not around.

Embrace Activity

Exercise plays an important role in diabetes management, so make activity part of your family’s life. Go for walks together, get outside and play games, or go for a swim. By seeing you take part, your child will get the message about the importance of being active.

For more help with managing your child’s type one diabetes, see a pediatrician at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center . For more information about the services at our Thousand Oaks hospital, dial (805) 497-2727.  

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