A Look at the Warning Signs for Alzheimer’s Disease

Smiling patient

Alzheimer’s disease typically comes on slowly. Most patients experience a gradual decline in mental functioning that at first is easy to chalk up to other causes. However, because early detection of Alzheimer’s may allow treatments that can slow the progression of the disease, it’s important to be aware of the warning signs so you can report them to your doctor if you experience them.

Memory loss that interferes with daily life is one of the first indicators of Alzheimer’s, but there are others. In the early stages of the disease, people may suddenly struggle with planning or problem solving and become unable to complete familiar tasks. It may get harder to follow conversations or come up with the right word. Change in mood or personality is common, as is a sudden withdrawal from usual activities.

If you are concerned about Alzheimer’s symptoms in yourself or someone you love, request a referral to a physician at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center. Contact our Thousand Oaks hospital today by calling (805) 497-2727. 

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