What Is the Gamma Knife and When Is It Used for Neurological Care?

Surgery is a common treatment option for a wide range of neurological conditions. However, when a tumor or other condition presents in a difficult-to-access region of the brain, neurologists may find it too dangerous to attempt surgical intervention. In the past, such circumstances may have limited care options for patients. That is why Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center is proud to offer Gamma Knife services for eligible Thousand Oaks residents. With this innovative treatment, patients with complex neurological conditions can still receive the comprehensive care they deserve.

How the Gamma Knife Works

Some individuals might mistake the Gamma Knife for a surgical procedure due to its name. On the contrary, patients who undergo this advanced treatment measure never receive a single incision. Instead, the Gamma Knife relies on powerfully concentrated radiation beams to eradicate malignant cells from specific sites in the brain. At the same time, the configuration of the radiation beams prevents unnecessary trauma to surrounding healthy tissues, making the Gamma Knife a highly effective and safe surgery alternative. As they undergo treatment, patients are alert and comfortable while they lie on the treatment table.

Why It Can Aid Neurological Care

Though a powerful organ, the brain is also a fragile one that can quickly incur trauma. In circumstances where surgery may pose injury to the brain, patients can suffer potentially disabling postoperative side effects. The Gamma Knife eliminates the risks that can come with some types of surgical care. Brain surgery can also present the possibility of extensive recovery times for patients, which may preclude them from being able to work or attend to other obligations for weeks or even months. Gamma Knife treatment allows patients to undergo treatment in quick and convenient sessions so that they may return to their professional and personal responsibilities as quickly as possible.

Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center wants you to have access to the most comprehensive treatment options within the greater Thousand Oaks community. If you have more questions about our Gamma Knife services, call (805) 497-2727. Our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare representatives would be happy to address your inquiries. 

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