• Food Safety Tips for Expecting Moms

    When people come into contact with food-borne bacteria, many individuals may experience no ill side effects, as their immune systems can readily fight off these dangerous germs. As this video explains, pregnant women must take special precautions to avoid food-borne illnesses.

    Pregnant women have suppressed immune systems, which make it more difficult to combat food-borne bacteria. As a result, germs lurking in certain foods can cause serious side effects in expecting mothers and their unborn children. To avoid prenatal complications, healthcare experts recommend that pregnant women eat only thoroughly cooked meals and properly refrigerated dishes. Avoiding non-pasteurized products can also help to reduce food-borne illnesses.

    Do you have more food safety questions? The Consult-A-Nurse Hotline at Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks can help. Call (805) 497-2727 to speak with a knowledgeable associate. 

  • Should You Be Seeking Professional Care for Your Back Pain?

    Back pain

    Back pain affects the overwhelming majority of adults in the United States. In some cases, a sports injury might cause a temporary muscle strain that eventually recovers on its own. Under other circumstances, a day of moving boxes might result in discomfort that rest gradually remedies. Yet for many people, back pain persists for weeks. It might also develop for unknown reasons, frustrating efforts to address it. Knowing when to see a professional for back pain depends on several factors. Individuals should initially assess how their discomfort affects their normal abilities. People with pain so severe that it limits their capacity to walk, sit, or sleep should consider a professional evaluation. If pain gets in the way of work responsibilities or social engagements, medical treatment might also be necessary.

    You don’t have to suffer from chronic back pain . Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center offers an online questionnaire that can help back pain sufferers better assess the severity of their symptoms. For more information on our questionnaire or back pain services, call our Thousand Oaks hospital at (805) 497-2727 .

  • What to Expect During a Bone Scan

    Bone Scan

    Has your doctor recommended that you undergo a bone scan? This convenient, safe, and effective diagnostic procedure can quickly alert your physician to any skeletal problems that may indicate osteoporosis. For individuals with osteoporosis, getting a bone scan can prove critical to addressing bone density issues before a debilitating bone break occurs.

    A bone scan practitioner can complete your procedure in just a few minutes. As the device evaluates bone mass in certain regions of the body, you can lie comfortably on the imaging table. So that the data collected from your procedure is accurate, you may be asked to lie still for the duration of the bone scan. However, as many patients can attest, the test is painless and swift, letting you return to your everyday activities immediately after it is done.

    Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center can address additional questions or concerns that you may have about your upcoming bone scan procedure. Call our Thousand Oaks hospital at (805) 497-2727 to speak with one of our representatives. You can also go to our website for more information on our diagnostic services. 

  • What Is the Gamma Knife and When Is It Used for Neurological Care?

    Surgery is a common treatment option for a wide range of neurological conditions. However, when a tumor or other condition presents in a difficult-to-access region of the brain, neurologists may find it too dangerous to attempt surgical intervention. In the past, such circumstances may have limited care options for patients. That is why Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center is proud to offer Gamma Knife services for eligible Thousand Oaks residents. With this innovative treatment, patients with complex neurological conditions can still receive the comprehensive care they deserve.

    How the Gamma Knife Works

    Some individuals might mistake the Gamma Knife for a surgical procedure due to its name. On the contrary, patients who undergo this advanced treatment measure never receive a single incision. Instead, the Gamma Knife relies on powerfully concentrated radiation beams to eradicate malignant cells from specific sites in the brain. At the same time, the configuration of the radiation beams prevents unnecessary trauma to surrounding healthy tissues, making the Gamma Knife a highly effective and safe surgery alternative. As they undergo treatment, patients are alert and comfortable while they lie on the treatment table.

    Why It Can Aid Neurological Care

    Though a powerful organ, the brain is also a fragile one that can quickly incur trauma. In circumstances where surgery may pose injury to the brain, patients can suffer potentially disabling postoperative side effects. The Gamma Knife eliminates the risks that can come with some types of surgical care. Brain surgery can also present the possibility of extensive recovery times for patients, which may preclude them from being able to work or attend to other obligations for weeks or even months. Gamma Knife treatment allows patients to undergo treatment in quick and convenient sessions so that they may return to their professional and personal responsibilities as quickly as possible.

    Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center wants you to have access to the most comprehensive treatment options within the greater Thousand Oaks community. If you have more questions about our Gamma Knife services, call (805) 497-2727. Our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare representatives would be happy to address your inquiries. 

  • Recognizing the Signs of Food Poisoning

    Lady abdominal pain.

    Food poisoning is a serious medical problem that can necessitate emergency room care when severe symptoms present. Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center urges Thousand Oaks residents to familiarize themselves with the more common signs of food poisoning, which can occur from any number of circumstances, including the consumption of allergens or expired food. With immediate action, individuals can prevent critical complications that may prove fatal if left untreated.

    Digestive Issues

    When the body comes into contact with unhealthy foods , it can react aggressively to eliminate them from its system. So when a person suffers from food poisoning, they may vomit their meal. Some individuals may experience diarrhea. In some cases, those with food poisoning may have both symptoms, which can together or separately dehydrate the body. The sudden loss of fluids and electrolytes can prove dangerous for a food poisoning victim, making immediate ER treatment essential for their recovery and wellbeing.

    Stomach Discomfort

    Even when a person does not display such evident signs of food poisoning, they may still suffer from stomach pain. Such discomfort can be sudden and acute, making it difficult for victims to continue with their normal activities. Some people may experience what they consider stomach cramps. No matter the type of discomfort, it can warrant a trip to emergency care for further evaluation.

    Head Pain

    One symptom of food poisoning that some people may overlook is head pain. Headaches can occur as the result of the food poisoning itself or from the dehydration that may develop from diarrhea or vomiting problems. Especially when head pain presents in conjunction with other food poisoning warning signs, individuals may want to contact their nearest emergency room department.

    Warm temperatures and outdoor activities can lead to spoiled food and spikes in food poisoning cases. To avoid this serious health emergency, take all necessary precautions to protect your food from bacteria infestation. You can call Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center in Thousand Oaks today at (805) 497-2727 to learn more about how you can protect yourself and your family from food poisoning this summer.

  • Controlling Your Cholesterol: Why Medication Isn’t Enough

    Woman running on grass

    High cholesterol is a common problem, which many people must control with medication. While prescription drugs can help to minimize the risk of heart disease through cholesterol control, cardiology specialists strongly recommend against relying on them to manage this condition. Even with medication, healthy lifestyle habits are key for keeping cholesterol levels in the bloodstream at a normal amount.

    The Importance of Nutrition

    The body does require cholesterol for healthy cellular function, but it largely produces the amount it needs without outside assistance. As a result, cholesterol taken into the body through food consumption can quickly overwhelm the cardiovascular system and contribute to the accumulation of plaque on the arterial walls. One reason why high cholesterol is such a prevalent issue in the United States is because of the dietary habits of those who suffer from it. Many people eat processed and prepackaged foods that contain large amounts of cholesterol. Baked goods and fried foods are two popular meal items that can factor into cholesterol-related conditions. That is why heart experts advise patients to cultivate wholesome eating habits to help control their cholesterol levels. A diet that contains ample amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can naturally lower cholesterol in the bloodstream.

    The Impact of Physical Activity

    Exercise is likewise important for overall cardiovascular health. A lack of physical activity can raise the risk of overweight and obesity issues, a condition that often correlates with high cholesterol. Working out on a regular basis can minimize both the danger of becoming overweight and the risk of elevated cholesterol levels. Studies indicate that exercise can also lower the amount of cholesterol in the blood regardless of weight. So by engaging in consistent physical activity, individuals with high cholesterol can help to keep it in check with or without the help of prescription drugs.

    Are your lifestyle habits helping or hurting your cholesterol levels? To find out , call Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center at (805) 497-2727. Our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system representatives are available to help Thousand Oaks residents take control of their cholesterol issues.

  • Planning the Right Prenatal Care for a Complication-Free Pregnancy

    Human Pregnancy

    Though a woman’s body does most of the work to grow a healthy baby over the course of a pregnancy, she should also rely on the expertise of her prenatal medical team. The obstetricians at Los Robles Hospital and our supporting staff can help to ensure that our expecting patients have access to the professional assistance they need during each stage of their pregnancies. With the right prenatal care , pregnant women can learn how to best take care of themselves and their babies and avoid potentially fatal complications.

    Choose a Doctor

    It’s important that each expecting mother feel comfortable with and confident about her obstetrician. Many doctors recommend the same prenatal care strategies, such as taking folic acid and avoiding alcoholic beverages. However, a pregnant woman may have a birthing plan that differs from the recommendations of a particular physician. So in looking for an obstetrician, expecting mothers should make sure that their preferred prenatal and birthing options match with the services offered by their doctors.

    Discuss Concerns

    Expecting mothers should never be hesitant to discuss their health concerns with their physicians. Pregnancy can bring on many bodily changes, which some women may find frustrating or unsettling. Being able to openly talk about these issues with their obstetricians can help expecting mothers feel at ease during their pregnancies. In the event that a condition indicates a serious medical problem, expecting mothers should have immediate access to their prenatal team at any time.

    Keep Up with At-Home Health Practices

    Successful prenatal care depends on the activities that happen outside the doctor’s office as well. Expecting mothers should carefully heed the advice of their obstetricians and put it into practice for the wellbeing of their babies. For instance, monitoring weight gain and engaging in doctor-approved exercise can prove instrumental for enjoying a complication-free pregnancy and welcoming a healthy and thriving newborn.

    Let Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center guide you through a smooth and happy pregnancy. Our prenatal staff is here to make your prenatal and birthing experiences the best that they can be. Call us today at (805) 497-2727 for more information on our maternity services for expecting mothers in the greater Thousand Oaks area.