Summer Injuries to Watch Out for When You Head Outdoors

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Do you look forward to each summer as the chance to try out new and exciting activities? Given Southern California’s constant sunshine during the summer months, this season offers nearly 100 days of optimal weather for road and water sports. Before you begin planning your outings, Los Robles Hospital urges implementing summertime safety measures to avoid some of the most widespread warm weather medical emergencies .

Suffering Skin Damage

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, and sun exposure is a primary cause of it. Sunburns can increase the risk for this disease, so when you go outside, make sure you already have applied SPF sunscreen to every exposed part of your body. To ensure that your sunscreen can take effect as soon as you step outdoors, put it on at least 30 minutes before you plan to leave the house. Depending on the nature of your activities, you might also want to take a bottle of sunscreen with you for later usage.

Having Heat Stroke

Hot weather can make it more difficult for the body to regulate its internal temperature. Especially when you fail to keep your body hydrated, it can lose control of its cooling mechanisms. Should such a situation happen, heat stroke could occur. Heat stroke can be a deadly condition, which is why keeping your body temperature and hydration needs constant priorities is integral to your summertime safety .

Experiencing Concussions

Ordinary activities such as walking around your neighborhood or going down your basement stairs can result in a slip and fall accident and concussion. However, when you participate in activities such as diving or bike riding, you greatly increase your risk of experiencing a head injury. When possible, wear recommended safety equipment to create a barrier between your head and potential blunt trauma. Adhering to safety cautions such as not diving in swallow waters can also help to prevent this type of medical emergency.

Preparation is the best way to prevent a summertime accident. If an accident does occur however, Los Robles Hospital is here for the times when even the best measures cannot preclude a summer burn or concussion. To find out more about our emergency medicine services for Thousand Oaks residents, call (805) 497-2727.

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