Losing Weight the Healthy Way This Summer

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With months of gorgeous weather to take advantage of, summer is the perfect season to make a commitment to weight loss and better health. If you want to lower your number on the scale, keep in mind that some weight loss measures can do more harm than good. Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks can help you cultivate a weight loss program that emphasizes healthy lifestyle changes for every season.

Respect Your Physical Limits

Exercise is a critical part of any weight loss regimen. Although this is true, you should beware of efforts that overextend your capabilities. During the hot summer months, you can quickly suffer from heat exhaustion and dehydration if you work out too long or too hard. A gradual increase in endurance, strength, and flexibility exercises is the ideal way to work toward your weight loss goals without risking dangers such as strained muscles or heat stroke.

Aim for Long-Term Change

Are you eager to begin enjoying the benefits of better health? Being motivated is key to making the necessary changes for weight loss, but it can also result in extreme tactics. For instance, deciding to cut your calorie intake by more than 500 calories a day or working out for multiple hours each afternoon may provide rapid physical changes; however, consider the safety and sustainability of these practices. Achieving a healthy weight is a lifelong objective, so start incorporating more manageable lifestyle habits that you can keep for several decades rather than several weeks.

Discuss Your Weight Loss Plans

Before making any alterations to your diet or exercise regimen, talk to your primary physician. They can determine which of your lifestyle behaviors require the most change and recommend the healthiest ways to improve them. If diet and exercise cannot provide the substantial weight loss you need, your doctor can also help you decide if bariatric surgery might be a viable alternative for a healthier future.

Would you like to learn more about weight loss surgery? Then call Los Robles Hospital at (805) 497-2727 to speak with one of our Thousand Oaks-based associates about this safe surgical option for sustainable weight loss. You can also visit our website for additional details on our surgical weight loss services. 

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