Familiarize Yourself with the Basics of Proper Nutrition


Nutrition is a part of wellness that people often discuss with the assumption that everyone knows what it means. However, some individuals may talk about nutrition without fully understanding the elements that encompass it. Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center encourages residents of Thousand Oaks and the surrounding regions to become informed about nutrition and its benefits for ultimate health.

Calorie Intake

The body requires energy to perform its many functions. It takes in this energy in the form of calories, which are found in food. The more the body must work to carry out its daily tasks, the more energy it requires. That is why a professional athlete who expends a great deal of energy might require more calories than the average working adult. As a general guideline, physicians recommend that individuals consume approximately 2,000 calories each day.

Nutritional Breakdown

Individuals must also take into consideration the nutritional content of the foods they consume. Two foods might contain an identical number of calories, yet one may have significant nutritional advantages over the other. Nutritional value relies in large part on the amount of vitamins and minerals that a food has. These elements make possible many bodily processes and foster balanced wellness. Because fruits and vegetables contain so many minerals and vitamins, health experts normally encourage a high consumption of them.

Calorie Components

When determining the calorie content of a food, individuals may also want to keep in mind from where those calories come. Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats can each make up the calories in food, and they all play a part in nutrition. Yet a diet that contains too much of any one of these components can derail a person’s well-being. Seeking to achieve an eating lifestyle that balances the consumption of these substances can help to facilitate good nutrition and excellent health.

It’s never too late to establish the eating habits that can help you enjoy a long and healthy future. Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center offers prevention and treatment services for individuals who want to enhance and increase their wellness through wholesome dietary behaviors. To learn more about how we can guide you to a better eating plan, call our Thousand Oaks hospital at (805) 497-2727.