Sticking to Your Resolution to Quit Smoking

Smoking has been implicated in the development of numerous diseases, and is a significant factor in the deaths of millions of people every year. If you’re currently a smoker, resolving to quit smoking in 2014 is one of the best things you can do for your health. However, quitting smoking is notoriously difficult, which is why the doctors of Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center offer the following pieces of advice for success.

quit smoking

Listen to Your Doctor
Quitting smoking is an important decision for your health; so naturally, your doctor should be involved. Seeking the advice of medical professionals can be especially helpful if you’ve struggled with quitting in the past. Your doctor will gladly discuss the various cessation methods and help you find one that works.

Seek Support from Your Loved Ones
Even if you find a method that suits your lifestyle, you still need a lot of willpower to quit smoking. For help finding strength, turn to your friends and loved ones. These individuals can help you find alternative activities and hold you accountable for your moments of weakness. You might also seek out a support group of former smokers and let their advice guide you toward a smoke-free life.

Don’t Let Setbacks Get You Down
Though you should make an earnest effort to quit smoking on your first attempt, you shouldn’t be surprised if you suffer a setback. If you light up one cigarette or burn through an entire pack, don’t resign yourself to failure and revert to your old habits. Instead, have a conversation with your doctor, form a new plan, and recommit yourself to quitting. In time, you’ll find that your willpower will prevail.

The doctors at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center are dedicated to helping you become your healthiest self. If you have any questions about how you can quit smoking, call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral service at (805) 497-2727. We’re proud to provide excellent healthcare services to the people of Thousand Oaks and the surrounding areas.

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