Planning for Success During Cardiac Rehabilitation

Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans, and millions undergo life-saving heart surgery every year. Unfortunately, heart surgery does not guarantee that a patient will be spared from heart disease in the future. If you undergo heart surgery at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center, it’s important that you alter your lifestyle habits so you can maximize the benefits of your surgery and live a long, healthy life.

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Following Your Doctor’s Instructions
Throughout the inpatient, outpatient, and maintenance phases of your cardiac rehabilitation, it’s important that you show up to all your follow-up appointments and adhere to your doctor’s instructions as closely as possible. If your doctor says rest, rest; if they say stay away from sugary treats, eat fruits and vegetables instead. There may be times when your doctor’s instructions are unclear—in these instances, don’t hesitate to ask clarifying questions.

Taking Your Time
A heart attack is a major life event that can prevent you from engaging in your favorite activities for a long time. Though you may grow impatient with the recovery process, it’s essential that you give your body the time it needs to heal. Most people can return to their normal activities within a few weeks of a heart attack, while those who undergo heart surgery may require several months.

Maintaining a Healthy Heart
In a way, cardiac rehabilitation is never complete. Whether you have a heart attack or undergo heart surgery, you must alter your habits to make sure your heart problems don’t recur. The maintenance phase of cardiac rehabilitation involves periodic medical appointments, during which your doctor evaluates your dietary practices and exercise regimen.

Cardiac rehabilitation can be tough, but it’s a lot better than living with severe heart troubles. If you have any questions for the board-certified cardiologist at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center, call (805) 497-2727.

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