Healthy New Year’s Resolutions to Consider This Year

It’s easy to get caught up in results-based New Year’s resolutions such as setting weight loss goals or achieving a certain clothing size, but resolutions don’t have to be a grueling exercise in perseverance. While some bad habits probably won’t cause any immediate health effects, the cumulative effects of a poor diet or exercise can have long-lasting and potentially serious effects on your health. Make this upcoming year a good one with these simple resolution tips from Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center .

New Years Resolutions

Track Your Activity Levels
Diet and exercise are staple New Year’s resolutions for many, but changing your entire lifestyle overnight is easier said than done. Most people quickly tire of a new routine, burn out early on or get discouraged without immediate results. There is no diet and exercise plan that will fit everyone’s needs, but consistency is the most important part of any new routine. This simple  diet and exercise tracking tool  from the USDA can provide you with a better idea of your daily habits and where to make improvements, though it’s still important to receive periodic checkups from a medical professional for a more comprehensive picture of your overall health and nutritional needs.

Make Small Changes
Getting sick or injured is no fun, and while our bodies are usually well-equipped to handle most bacteria, bumps, and bruises, the little things can add up: not getting enough vitamins, excessive smoking and/or drinking, not protecting your eyes or ears, etc. Living healthier doesn’t have to be as difficult or drastic as a new diet or exercise routine. Simply adding a multivitamin to your nutrition plan, washing your hands regularly, or even doing some light cardio exercises can prevent future health complications.

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