Is It Time to Schedule Your Prostate Cancer Screening?

Health screenings become an important part of your health as you get older, and prostate cancer is one test that you may or may not need during your annual checkup depending on your lifestyle and health history. With this video, you can learn about the different types of prostate cancer and the need for treatment.

Slow-growing prostate cancers are not often life-threatening, but they may still produce negative results on a screening exam. While this type of prostate cancer may only need monitoring rather than treatment, more aggressive prostate cancers will need to be treated right away, as this could be life-saving.

To schedule your prostate cancer screening, connect with Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center by calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (805) 497-2727. You can also visit us online to explore our wide range of cancer care services. 

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