A Look at The Breast Center at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center

Breast cancer care

Breast cancer is a leading cause of death for women in the United States, but Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center is working to reduce the impact of breast cancer in Thousand Oaks through our breast cancer program.

We offer the most sophisticated imaging tests such as digital mammograms and breast MRI to make an accurate early diagnosis from the beginning. Treatment options with us are diverse and tailored specifically to the needs of every patient. From surgery to medical oncology to the latest technologies in radiation oncology, we provide comprehensive screening, diagnostic, and treatment services to help make breast cancer a thing of the past.

For more details about Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center’s Cancer Care programs, visit our website or call (805) 497-2727 to connect with our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line. For healthy living tips to keep you well through all stages of life, check out our calendar of upcoming classes and community events. 

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