• Kathy Bates on Her Experience with Ovarian Cancer

    Ovarian cancer can be difficult to diagnose, because it can cause symptoms that don’t seem related to the disease at all. In this video, Kathy Bates discusses her journey through diagnosis and treatment, which began when she began to feel ill with unexplained vomiting and digestive discomfort. Her treatment started almost right away, but this was only possible because she consulted her gynecologist upon the first indication that something was wrong. Watch the whole video clip to hear her whole story and learn about how you can keep yourself healthy.

    With Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center , you can find the compassionate and detailed care you need to prevent serious health problems and promote wellness in your everyday lifestyle. You can reach us on our website or call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (805) 497-2727.

  • What You Need to Know About Cancer Screening

    at the doctor's office

    Over the past several decades, cancer treatment has evolved dramatically with improved outcomes for patients of all backgrounds and ages. One of the most significant developments responsible for these improvements in cancer care is screening programs to detect certain types of cancer early on in their development. A cancer screening does not prevent cancer, but it does facilitate diagnoses that are much more treatable than late-stage cancers showing symptoms.

    Screening schedules vary from person to person
    There are general guidelines set by the National Cancer Institute for standard screenings for prostate, breast, gynecological, colorectal, and lung cancers. You might follow this standardized schedule, but certain risk factors may require earlier screenings or more frequent testing. Some screening procedures are also only recommended for patients with genetic risk factors or a previous cancer diagnosis.

    Cancer screening is not risk free
    The risks of common cancer screenings are generally low, but it is important to discuss any procedure with your physician before deciding if it is right for you. Some tests can also show false-positives or false-negatives, so further testing is often needed following abnormal or unexpected screening results.

    Screening can significantly improve prognoses
    Often the risks of any screening procedure are outweighed by the benefits in long-term care. Early detection through screening can reduce the risk of dying from certain cancers. Treatment is typically less complex at these stages, as cancer has not spread to other areas of the body such as the lymph nodes.

    With the Cancer Center at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, you can find comprehensive cancer care including affordable screening and a regionally recognized Neuroscience Gamma Knife Center. Call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (805) 497-2727 to find an oncologist on our cancer care team. You can also explore our services by visiting our website. 

  • The Breast Center at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center

    Breast Health Los Robles

    The Breast Center at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center provides women with highly trained specialists and the some of the most advanced technology available, including digital mammography, ultrasound, breast MRI, and the most advanced biopsy techniques accredited by the American College of Radiology.  The Breast Center is the only Breast Center accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers in Ventura County.  So don’t wait.  If you’re 40 or older, a mammogram should be an important yearly tradition to ensure that you’re happy and healthy!  Call us at (805) 497-2727 to schedule your mammogram today.

  • Why Choose Los Robles Hospital When There’s an Emergency?

    ED Los Robles

    Life comes with surprises, some good, and some not so good.  For those that are not so good, turn to Los Robles Hospital.  With the only Level 2 Trauma Center in Eastern Ventura County, as well our Emergency Department, which has been certified by Los Angeles County as approved to pediatrics, we’re here to make sure that you and yours can live life to the fullest, and enjoy every moment.  To view our average wait times, which are some of the lowest in the country, text “ER” to 23000!

  • Why Should You Choose Los Robles Hospital For When You Choose to Have a Baby?

    Los Robles Obstetric Care

    If you decide that you’d like to have a baby, Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center is here to assist with every step of your journey.  From childbirth preparation classes geared to help teach you everything you’ll need to know about pregnancy, labor, delivery, newborn care and breast-feeding, to our birthing center, which features nine private rooms to offer you and yours the amenities that help make your experience as comfortable as possible, we’re ready to help.  For newborns that need specialized care after birth, we have a Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and should you need us in the future, we’re the only hospital in Ventura County to carry the coveted Los Angeles County Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics (EDAP) rating.  For more information, call us today at (805) 497-2727.