Tips for Driving Safely on Your Late Summer Road Trips

SUV at dawn

Taking a road trip before the school year starts up again can be a great way to finish the summer and spend quality time with your family. Whether you are traveling just a few miles from home or taking a cross-country trip, you should follow these important guidelines for safe driving .

Make sure your child is in a proper car seat

Children should be in car seats or booster seats until about the age of 12 so that they are protected in the event of an accident. Car seats will need to be upgraded as your child grows taller, and all children under the age of 12 should be seated in the back seat.

Stay aware of other drivers on the road

When you are driving on long stretches of road, it is easy to lose focus on your surroundings. Still, you should be aware of what other drivers are doing and make sure that you are obeying traffic laws at all times when you are behind the wheel. You might also minimize distractions in the driver’s seat by silencing your cell phone and designating radio controls to your passenger.

Be cautious with roadside maintenance

A large number of car-related accidents and injuries actually take place when the car is stopped. When you pop the hood, the temperature underneath is very hot, and you can easily get burned by touching the wrong part. Changing tires is also risky, as heavy lifting and bending can lead to serious injuries of the spine. If a mechanical situation does require you to pull over, you might save yourself trouble by calling for roadside assistance instead of tackling the problem yourself.

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