Spotlight on World Hepatitis Day

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Hepatitis B and C are viral diseases that lead to chronic inflammation of the liver. These infections are “silent,” meaning that victims will often be asymptomatic for many years after exposure to the virus. After long periods of time, however, the chronic liver inflammation can lead to scarring, liver cancer, or even liver failure.

Every year, the World Hepatitis Alliance observes World Hepatitis Day, an event organized to increase awareness of hepatitis as a threat to global health. Through recognition of this day, more and more people can learn the burden of hepatitis B and C and help to prevent disease transmission. World Hepatitis Day 2013 falls on the 28th of July. In partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Hepatitis Alliance is celebrating by promoting two major themes focusing on knowing the real-life impact of viral hepatitis and increasing awareness of the disease on a global scale.

Are you interested in learning more about how you can participate in the World Hepatitis Day celebrations? Visit the World Hepatitis Alliance website or contact Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center at (805) 497-2727 for more information about viral hepatitis.

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