Making Your Home Friendlier for Your Health

Visiting the doctor for regular checkups is a key step in maintaining proper health, but good health actually begins in the home. By following the tips in this video, you can make your home a more health-conscious environment.

Indoor air pollution is a leading health concern at home, and it can be reduced with proper cleaning and smoke detector use. Other sources of toxins in the home include lead paint, household chemicals, carbon monoxide gas, and radon gas. Watch the whole clip to learn how you can eliminate these potentially harmful elements from your home to protect your whole family’s health.

For more tips on managing health for your household, contact Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center on our website or through our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (805) 497-2727. We offer healthy living classes and events throughout each month to help improve health in the Thousand Oaks community.

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