Could the Mediterranean Diet Be the Answer to Your Heart Health Worries?

Hearty Healthy Eating

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the latest trends in healthy eating, and it has become so popular that the month of May has been dedicated as National Mediterranean Diet Month. One of the reasons that this diet has gained so much attention is for its effects on heart health , which are linked to the types of fat emphasized in the Mediterranean Diet program. This diet encourages the increased consumption of fish and lean poultry in addition to healthy oils, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Below is a closer look at the benefits of these fats and some other factors to consider when taking control of your heart health.

Nourishing your heart with good fats
Fish, nuts, and oils containing omega-3 fatty acids are known as good fats, because these foods will help to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and lower bad LDL cholesterol. These effects can dramatically reduce heart disease risk when a balanced diet of whole grains, fresh vegetables, and low-fat dairy products is consumed in addition to protein and fat sources containing omega-3s.

Supplementing your diet with other healthy habits
While the Mediterranean Diet will be beneficial to heart health, it is not enough to manage your heart disease risk. You should also participate in regular aerobic exercise, avoid smoking, and work to eliminate sources of stress.

Talking to your doctor
Establishing communication with your doctor is also important for your cardiac health, and it is a necessary step before beginning any diet program. Only your physician will be able to review all risks and benefits of any diet and exercise program with the detailed knowledge of your health history and concerns.

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