More Facts About Your Health And Nutrition

Taking care of your body and mind is important during all times of the year. These articles discuss ways to safeguard your wellbeing during the winter months, as well as how to maintain your health all year long. 

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Are you worried about adding weight during the holidays ? The American Heart Association gives readers some tips on how to avoid extra pounds this season.

If you’re expecting a baby, attending childbirth classes can help you prepare for delivery. The March of Dimes discusses the birthing classes available for expectant parents.

Some people experience intensified joint pain when it’s colder outside. The Arthritis Foundation offers some helpful suggestions on how to keep joint discomfort at bay .

Would you know if a loved one was experiencing a stroke? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains how to identify stroke symptoms .

The vast majority of strokes can be prevented. The National Stroke Association details what you can do to decrease your risk of stroke .