How to Prevent Joint Pain Through the Colder Months of Winter

The winter season can affect your body in many ways. For some, this may mean drier skin or more frequent colds. For those with joint issues, the colder months can also signify greater joint pain . If you’re one of countless Americans who regularly must battle joint stiffness and inflammation, these tips can help alleviate pain and increase flexibility.

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Bundle up

Exposure to cold, wet weather can prove detrimental to your joints . As the temperatures drop, you may notice that your knees or hips aren’t as flexible. This is because cold air can make your tendons, ligaments, and other tissues less pliable, resulting in heightened pain. To ensure that you don’t inadvertently make yourself vulnerable to the cold, be sure to wear protective layers every time you go outside.

Stay active

When approved by your physician, moderate physical activity can ward off winter-induced joint pain. Many people become less active during the colder months, but for those with chronic joint pain, lack of exercise can cause already stiff joints to become even more inflexible. To keep your joints loose and pain-free, be sure to stay active during the winter.

Eat right

Maintaining a healthy diet is good for all aspects of your health, but especially so for your joints. Eating balanced meals helps to keep your energy levels high and fatigue at bay. Also, some studies have found that nutrients such as vitamin D and selenium can aid in joint function.

Consult with a joint specialist

The most important step you can take to protect your joints and ward off pain is to contact your physician. Only a trained medical professional can monitor your condition and make recommendations on ways to reduce joint discomfort. If a change in your lifestyle proves ineffective, your doctor can prescribe medication or advise joint replacement surgery to help alleviate the pain.

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