Eating Healthy Through the Holidays: Simple Tips to Keep You from Gaining Weight Before the New Year

The holidays are a time for family, fun, and food. While you may love seeing family and having fun, the delicious and often heavy dishes served up at holiday dinners and parties can wreak havoc on your diet. To make sure that you don’t begin 2013 with unwanted weight, keep in mind the following healthy eating tips this holiday season.

Festive medallions of pork

Create a colorful plate.

A great way to keep your diet intact this time of year is to make sure it presents a wide array of colors. While most unhealthy starches and fats show up as either white or brown, nutritious vegetables represent virtually every color of the rainbow. Vibrant red beets and turnips, bright orange carrots and sweet potatoes, deep green Brussels sprouts and broccoli, and luscious purple eggplants will safeguard your waist and heart from extra pounds during the holidays.

Plan ahead for parties.

When you’re famished, even the best intentions can fall victim to a demanding stomach. To avoid ravaging the buffet table at your next holiday party, don’t show up hungry. Instead, make sure to curb your cravings with some healthy alternatives at home before heading out for the evening. Not only will this prevent you from overindulging in unhealthy food options that night, but it will also keep you from packing on the pounds in the future.

Keep your body moving.

The holidays can disrupt the most devoted exercisers. With parties to attend, shopping to complete, and family to entertain, it’s often difficult to maintain your physical fitness routine. That’s why it’s even more important to keep up with your exercise regimen this time of year. Regular physical activity will help to curb the effect of those one or two indulgences you permit yourself during the holidays. In addition, it can alleviate any unhealthy stress that may accompany this festive season.

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