How Diabetes Is Linked to Heart Health

If you are living with diabetes, you must recognize the wide range of health issues that may become problematic with the mismanagement of blood sugar and insulin levels. One of the most severe health complications common to diabetic individuals is heart disease , which The American Heart Association reports as the leading cause of death among people with type-II diabetes. There are several reasons that type-II diabetes raises an individual’s heart disease risk, and these are discussed in greater detail below.



Heart attack concept

Hypertension is co-occurring with insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is characteristic of type-II diabetes, and it is associated with hypertension or high blood pressure. High blood pressure raises the risk for heart disease, because it is a sign that the heart must work harder to pump blood through the body.

Diabetes is often a result of obesity

Because type-II diabetes is a problem that goes hand in hand with obesity, more and more people are being diagnosed with type-II diabetes . Not only does obesity lead to diabetes, but it is a prominent risk factor for heart disease. If you have diabetes or are at risk for type-II diabetes, you should work closely with your doctor to find weight management strategies and get started on an exercise program.

High cholesterol can result from high blood sugar

LDL cholesterol is also called bad cholesterol, and high levels of LDL can lead to heart disease by blocking the arteries and restricting blood flow. People with diabetes often have high cholesterol, especially if they have poor blood sugar regulation. Blood sugar can be stabilized to improve cholesterol and lower other heart disease risks with medication, exercise, and a balanced diet.

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