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Pregnancy and the days leading up to delivery is a vulnerable time for both mother and child, but our professional staff here at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center is committed to helping our patients make their birthing experiences as comfortable and worry-free as possible.  If you’re looking for an experienced maternity care provider in the Thousand Oaks area, then consider what the Los Robles Hospital Family Birthing Center has to offer during:

Pre-Delivery Preparations

Preparing for a new addition to the family can be an equally rewarding and stressful experience, especially for first-time parents.  Here at Los Robles, we offer an array of educational childbirth courses to help you and your spouse prepare for the delivery and recovery process, as well as answer any lingering questions about creating a birth plan , breastfeeding, baby-proofing your home, and more.


With access to nine private labor, delivery, and recovery (LDR) rooms and a Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, we are equipped to help you prepare for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy and immediately provide advanced neonatal care if and when it is necessary.  Our LDR rooms are equipped with private bathrooms, a television and telephone, available free Wi-Fi, and more, all in addition to the latest medical technology.

Post-Partum Recovery

As part of our specialized birthing program, the same nurse will provide care for both you and your baby, and our strict visiting policies will ensure that your newborn’s siblings will be able to visit their new family member while minimizing the spread of germs.  As always, our 24-hour Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line is also available to answer any questions about your newborn’s health or about post-partum recovery.

Don’t just take our word for it—register for tour of our maternity facilities or for childbirth classes here at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center today to learn more.  Our staff of professional obstetricians and neonatologists will ensure that you have access to the necessary medical resources to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and post-partum recovery.  See what others have had to say about us online and call (805) 497-2727 to pre-register.

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