Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Around Pools

Girl smiles, swimming under water in the pool

The risk of drowning is high for young children, who are naturally curious and prone to exploring. Be sure to follow these tips from one of Thousand Oaks’ heart hospitals , Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center, in order to keep your kids safe from water-related incidents.

  • Keep Toddlers Within Arm’s Length
    When you are near water or in the pool with a young child, keep him or her within immediate reach at all times. By staying within grabbing distance of children, you can quickly help them if they slip beneath the water.
  • Fence In Your Pool
    If a child slips into your backyard unnoticed, he or she should not be able to enter your pool area. Fence off the pool with a latching gate, and be sure that there are no unlocked windows or pet doors leading from your home into the pool area. Make sure that the fence is constructed in a way to prevent climbing and is around 60 inches high.
  • Enroll Kids in Swimming Lessons
    Although the shock of falling into a pool may prevent very young children from safely swimming to the edge, it is still a good idea to begin teaching kids to swim as early as possible. Such lessons impart the concept of holding one’s breath underwater and serve to educate kids on pool safety .
  • Never Let Anyone Swim Alone
    No matter how old or proficient at swimming your child is, he or she should never enter the pool unaccompanied. Accidents can happen in any situation, so a CPR-trained adult should always keep a close watch over kids who are swimming or playing near water.

Teaching kids water safety and providing close supervision at all times will help your family have a fun and incident-free summer. Find out how you can protect your children from drowning and other summer dangers by calling the Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (805) 497-2727.