Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Procedures


Traditionally, physicians have performed surgery through long, open incisions to achieve an adequate degree of visibility and access to a surgical site. Today, with the introduction of robotic surgical systems and minimally invasive techniques, many surgical procedures can be performed through incisions only centimeters in length. The advanced robotics and monitoring capabilities of the da Vinci® surgical system provide surgeons with unparalleled accuracy and precision even in the most delicate of procedures, including the prostatectomy and hysterectomy.

  • da Vinci® Prostatectomy
    Men diagnosed with prostate cancer are often concerned about how their urinary continence and sexual function may be affected by the prostatectomy procedure. The robotic arms of the da Vinci® surgical system have the ability to filter out any of the surgeon’s hand tremors and also have a much larger range of motion than the human hand. This amazing precision significantly improves the outcome of these procedures and helps to reduce any post-surgical complications. In fact, 92.9 percent of patients who have undergone the da Vinci® prostatectomy regain urinary function within three months, compared with only 54 percent of patients who received open surgery.
  • da Vinci® Hysterectomy
    Women suffering from uterine fibroids, cancer of the uterus, heavy vaginal bleeding, or chronic pelvic pain may opt for a partial or total hysterectomy. In the past, the traditional open procedure came with the risk of a long recovery, painful symptoms, and possible damage to the surrounding tissues. With the da Vinci® surgical technology, the entire procedure can be performed through tiny “keyhole” incisions that minimize blood loss, post-op pain, and recovery time while dramatically improving surgical precision.

If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that may require surgery, ask your doctor if robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery is right for your situation. At Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center , our expert da Vinci®-accredited physicians offer our patients all of the benefits of these surgical techniques. Call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line today at (805) 497-2727 to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons.