Happy Mother’s Day! from Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center

Happy Mother's Day

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a list of quotes honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society:

  • All I am or can be I owe to my angel Mother. –Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President
  • My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her. –George Washington, U.S. President
  • There never was a woman like her. She was gentle as a dove and brave as a lioness… The memory of my mother and her teachings were, after all, the only capital I had to start life with, and on that capital I have made my way. –Andrew Jackson, U.S. President
  • To the world you might just be one person, but to your mother you are the world. –Author Unknown
  • There is no velvet so soft as a mother’s lap, no rose as lovely as her smile, no path so flowery as that imprinted with her footsteps. –Archibald Thompson
  • Mothers can look through a child’s eyes and see tomorrow.
    Mothers deserve the credit for raising value-based leaders who accept responsibility; who possess physical, mental, and spiritual strength; who possess courage and confidence; and look with optimism to the future.
    Great mothers help their children to recognize that they can achieve the impossible.
    Great mothers bring the arms of comfort to an insecure child in a world of uncertainty. –Reed Markham, American Educator

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