About the daVinci® Surgical System

daVinci Surgery

With the development and introduction of the daVinci® robotic surgical system, many procedures that were once performed through more invasive methods can now be performed through incisions only centimeters wide. If you or a loved one is considering this state-of-the-art surgical alternative to open surgery or conventional laparoscopy, you may be curious about the benefits and advantages of  robot-assisted surgery .

Shortened recovery times
To perform the surgery through the tiniest possible incisions, the hand of a skilled surgeon must accurately guide the robotic arms to perform the necessary actions. With the help of cutting-edge camera and monitoring systems, the surgeon can visualize the internal organs in three dimensions and magnify the view if necessary. This advanced, close-up view, in combination with the arms’ ability to translate larger hand motions into much smaller movements, allows for unmatched precision in the execution of intricate surgical procedures. This precision means the patient experiences a much shorter recovery time and a significantly quicker return to normal daily activities. 

Reduced discomfort
Along with a reduced recovery time, the minimally invasive approach of robot-assisted surgery inflicts much less damage to the tissues. Because the incisions are smaller and the surgery more precise, the procedure generally avoids the tissue damage that was more commonly associated with open surgical procedures. This reduced tissue damage results in less blood loss during surgery and less pain after the procedure. This also typically reduces a patient’s need for pain medications.

The surgery center at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center utilizes daVinci® surgical technology to provide the Thousand Oaks community with better clinical outcomes and shorter recovery times. If you would like to find out more about the advantages of minimally invasive surgical procedures and how they may benefit you, contact the medical professionals at Los Robles Hospital by calling (805) 497-2727 today. 

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