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What It Means to Be a Level II Trauma Center


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 45 million individuals in the United States do not have access to a Level I or II trauma center within one hour travel radius. To put that into perspective, 45 million individuals is equivalent to the populations of Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama combined! Fortunately for Thousand Oaks residents, Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center is home to the only Level II trauma center in East Ventura County.

A trauma center is a hospital or emergency room that has additional equipment and medical resources to care for severely injured patients. These centers are classified as Level I, II, III, or IV. The emergency room at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center is fully equipped to provide experienced and specialized treatment to patients suffering from traumatic injuries using a multidisciplinary approach. Our 24/7 trauma team works in conjunction with the on-site emergency medical staff (EMS) team to ensure that all treatments are initiated as quickly as possible—whether our patients arrive by ambulance or helicopter.

In addition to providing unmatched urgent care services in our trauma center, Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center is the only facility in the state certified by both Ventura County and Los Angeles as a STEMI-designated heart attack center for rapid heart attack response care. We are also the only nationally accredited Chest Pain Center in East Ventura County.

Whether you are suffering from a sprained wrist, severe laceration, flu symptoms, or possible signs of a heart attack or stroke, Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center is here to help. We offer the highest quality of emergency care for a wide variety of medical conditions and injuries. Let us provide you and your family with the medical attention you need. (805) 497-2727

Managing Your Blood Pressure

With around one in three adults suffering from high blood pressure, it is important to be aware of your blood pressure numbers and keep them in the excellent range. In this video, the American Heart Association provides several tips on how to manage your blood pressure.

When blood pressure rates are high, the blood running through the arteries flows with too much force and puts pressure on the arteries, causing microscopic tears.  These tears form scar tissue, which traps plaque and white blood cells and can form into blockages and blood clots. This means that less blood gets to the vital organs. And without blood, the tissue dies, leading to stroke, kidney failure, and other major illnesses.

If you are looking for a heart or cardiology hospital in the Thousand Oaks area, then contact Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center. (805) 497-2727

Type II Diabetes: How Exercise & Glucose Control Can Help

Individuals with type II diabetes have a condition which either causes the body to produce less than adequate amounts of insulin, or causes cells to ignore the insulin needed to process glucose. When this glucose, or blood sugar, builds up in the body, it can lead to a number of negative consequences.

This video takes a closer look at how structured exercise training regimens can benefit individuals with type II diabetes. Studies show that aerobic exercise, resistance exercise, or the combination of both has been associated with a decline in hemoglobin A1C levels in type II diabetics. Proper nutrition can also help to reduce the levels even further. Learn more in this full clip.

Are you suffering from diabetes? Learn more about how to better control your diabetes at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks. Call us at (805) 497-2727 for more information.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center!!

Happy Thanksgiving

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